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When working on file-centric projects, usually one of the biggest struggles teams and freelancers face is the inability to share, collaborate, and get feedback on files easily.

That’s where comes in. Loop makes it easy to receive and organize the input you need from others and keep everyone apprised on your project’s progress. No longer you need to share your work and communicate in different apps or platforms. You can get more done with Loop.

File sharing

Loop gives you the ability to send both large and numerous files in one central space, so it’s easy to find and discuss your work. To start your first Loop conversation, go to the homepage.

Loop homepage

Select the files you’d like to upload and use drag-and-drop or browse them to place them into the files box.

Next, fill in the text boxes with your recipient’s email address, a conversation title (similar to an email subject line), and whatever comments you think the recipient will need to understand the context of the conversation.

When you have composed your message, hit the “Share” button.

Loop homepage share

A window will pop up asking your details to finish your account. Simply fill in our form or sign up using your social media account.

Loop homepage sign-up

Note: Loop’s Terms & Conditions will appear once you click the Sign up button. Please take a minute to read them. In case you missed them, you can visit them again following this link

Congrats! You’ve just created a Loop conversation 🎉.

Once you’ve created (or have been invited into) Loop conversations, you can find them by logging into your account and checking your dashboard.

Loop app dashboard

File conversations

A Loop conversation takes place around a file or set of files and help lead to more fluid and natural collaboration.

Instead of sending separate emails explaining the context and purpose of a file, you’ll have all that relevant information in one place.

File recipients will be able to access and give feedback on files as soon as they’re received, and you’ll have a much easier time getting the job done.

Account management

Under the My Profile section you can find all kinds of account information and settings.

In the My Profile tab, you can find the email address you used to sign up for Loop, your name, your job title, and date/time format options. You can also change your avatar on this page, or delete your account entirely.

Loop app account tab

Under the Password tab, you can change your password.

Loop app password tab

Under the Notifications tab, you can adjust your notification preferences.

Loop app notifications tab

Deleting your account

If you’d like to delete your Loop account, click the “Permanently delete your entire account?” link at the bottom of the Account tab.

A window will pop up asking if you’re sure that you’d like to delete your account, and warning you that this is a permanent operation that cannot be undone. If you are sure you want to delete your profile, click the “Delete account” button.

Loop app delete account

Loop mobile apps

To access Loop while on the go, be sure to download the mobile app.

app store

google play

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